Sep 21, 2021 • 24M

Where to find work as a freelancer? | The Freelancer Talk

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Wouter Vertogen
Everything Freelance
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I'm back with a new season!

In this first episode of season 3, I'll be sharing where I find work as a freelancer.
Work is something that we all want to do, especially if you are a creative freelance because doing your job often means doing your passion.

So where do you find work nowadays as a freelancer? I'll let you in on a little hint.... your own network!

Yep, most freelancers still find the majority of the projects throughout their own networks. Think of referrals, word of mouth, or even getting a bunch of your connections together and starting something yourselves.

But there are other ways to find work too! Listen to the podcast and discover ways to find your next project as a freelancer!

PS: On October 9th, we are officially launching The Freelancer Talk platform! We will launch our Freelancers Social Network, Freelancer Talk App, and Freelancer Talk Academy! 

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