Sep 27, 2021 • 50M

Alix Reigner on navigating her life as a Freelance Dancer, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur | The Freelancer Talk

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Today's episode is something different, to say the least!

Alix Reigner, host of the DancersFAQ podcast, and I teamed up for a joined episode of both of our podcasts! What does that mean? Well, we both prepared questions for each other and interviewed each other at the same time. And it worked because our double interview turned out to be a really cool and dynamic episode!

It was really awesome to do this episode with Alix, as Alix is a freelance dancer like myself. And just like I did, Alix started her podcast back at the beginning of the pandemic to help others out and offer education and resources.

I'm not going to reveal too much because we both shared our stories of why we started our podcasts, how our podcasts helped us launch our businesses, and how we've navigated our freelance careers through the past year.

Now let's get listening!

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