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Hello Again! Launching LANCED + NEW season announcement 🤩

Hello Again! Launching LANCED + NEW season announcement 🤩

Hi there, I am back!

2022 was an insane year. I officially quit my career as a professional dancer and devoted myself to Freelancer Talk and my new venture Lanced.

Creating Freelancer Talk has been a wild ride. I've approached it as one big experiment, and my gosh, I made a lot of 'fails'. But yet, without those failures, I wouldn't have been where I am today... which is where exactly? I still don't know!

Through my research conducted at Freelancer Talk, I came to the realization that we needed more automated tools to help creatives with their freelance careers. INSERT LANCED.

Together with Stavya Bhatia, I founded Lanced; an early-stage tech startup developing a marketplace and management platform for organizations and professionals in the Creative & Cultural Industries. 

We are actually crowdfunding for Lanced! So if you're interested in learning more about lanced, check out the following link: getlanced.com 

2022 has been one hell of a ride 😱 but I am already looking forward to 2023. 

I'm happy to announce that in 2023 The Freelancer Talk podcast will return for weekly episodes on Tuesdays! Plus we are going to launch our Freelancer Academy as well 🤩 The Academy will include coaches, workshops, and lots of resources to help you and your freelance career. 

Wishing you all great holidays and I'll be back soon! 


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