Who am I?

Hi there, Wouter here 👋🏼.

I’m still trying to find out how to properly introduce myself, but I guess the terms ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ and ‘Performer’ resonate the most with me these days ✌🏼.

In recent years, I have done a complete 180 in my career; I went from dancing in shows across the world to sitting behind my computer at home. This career switch wasn’t the most random thing ever, it was covid that pretty much kickstarted my transition from the stage to the desk.

But since that transition, I have co-founded a tech startup named Lanced and a platform named Freelancer Talk. These two ventures both originate from the struggles I have encountered as a professional dancer throughout my career.

It’s become my mission to improve the work field for artists and creatives through innovation, community, and technology.

What to expect?

I started blogging over 17 years ago when I was running a website called worldofwouter.com. Yep, don’t judge me. My blog was pretty much all about pop culture. And no, it wasn’t so trashy as you would imagine; at 16 I found myself collaborating with MTV News 😎.

So what can you expect from me here?

I don’t want to limit myself too much so here are the subjects that I like to write about:

  • Arts & Culture 🎭

  • Startup Life 🚀

  • Freelancing 👨🏻‍💻

  • Pop Culture 🎧

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Founder @ Lanced | Creative Entrepreneur looking to Empower Creativity